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Focus on 5 Facebook Marketing Strategies in 2021

Come February 2021, Facebook will celebrate its 17th anniversary. Every year, marketers look forward to fresh ways to improve their Facebook marketing approach because it is an integral strategy to create more success. This social media champ is more than just a place for friends to connect, it has grown into a venue for businesses to market themselves and reach out to a larger pool of audience. In this article, we will share five concepts to help you figure out a better strategy for 2021.

Online Advertising @Facebook News Feed

Match your ads to news feed posts. It is a simple yet effective strategy because an ad that blends in with other feed content has the power to make the ad feel more organic. Let the copy and visual harmoniously flow with other feed content, so readers are more likely to stop scrolling. News feed ads have a higher click-through rate and lower cost-per-conversion. It is a superb way to attract people who are not familiar with your brand or products.

Digital Marketing Grammar Guide

It pays to engage an effective copywriter. Leads turn into sales in a digital world. Avoid looking silly by using proper grammar in your ads because badly written content reflects on your business. Stuffy language can deter the effectiveness of your ad campaign. If your target demographic is in their 20s or 30s, match your ad content to their texting style. Facebook is a casual platform so formality is flexible, but it should not contain misspellings or grammar mistakes. Prevent a social media blunder by preparing your posts ahead of time or have someone review them before going live. Often during a review, a fresh pair of eyes are more likely to catch any grammatical mistakes.

Emojis in Digital Marketing

Emojis are so popular that we celebrate them every year on the 17th of July. The word “emoji” is a Japanese expression that means “picture word”. By 2020, it was reported that 95% of internet users have used an emoji. (source: We encourage marketers to toy with emojis to increase engagement because it humanises their social media voice. Facebook posts that use emojis receive 57% more likes. (source: However, do not go overboard with emojis and it must be appropriate for your brand or service. If the post or ad is something serious, an emoji may dilute the intent of your message. Refrain from using an emoji that is confusing or if it is has an alternate meaning. Select a few key emojis that are related to your brand or products and start using them consistently in your posts. This trick can improve the consistency of your brand voice by allowing consumers to associate your brand with those emojis every time they see them. Check out an updated list of emojis here:

Level Up Facebook Video Marketing

People will pay attention when you animate your Facebook ad and bring motion into it. Do not overthink production quality and expect the video to look like a TV commercial because what matters is the content’s value. A video taken with your smartphone or a simple vlog camcorder better mimics the content people see on Facebook, and this creates cohesiveness with their other feed content. It is important to keep your videos short on Facebook. It may surprise you at how much valuable content our digital marketing specialists here at Infra Design can fit into a 30-second video.

User-Generated Content

UGC campaigns have grown exponentially over the last year because it instils a sense of trust and relatability in a digital world. It strengthens and builds the digital community because people are looking for positive content that relates to their current situation. Consumers who are not an official representative of your business can lend their voice to your marketing campaigns as pictures, videos, and text reviews. 2020 was a testament to the speed of how quickly things can change in the digital landscape. UGC shortens the time for media planning, and it helps brands to keep up with evolving consumer needs. Facebook’s UGC campaign “We’re Never Lost If We Can Find Each Other” used videos and photos captured by Facebook users. By stitching these imageries together in a documentary-style video, it brought forward a powerful message on how people are staying connected during the pandemic that is absolutely heart-rendering.

You need to answer three questions to build a successful Facebook marketing strategy. Find out what kind of experience people want, what do they expect of your brand, and how it can fulfil their needs. Optimise your Facebook marketing strategy to get better results. Reach out to us now for a FREE consultation.

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