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2021 Gets Better with These Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing has proven itself to be as effective as traditional marketing. It has one advantage over its traditional counterparts, the cost of digital marketing can be 10-20 times cheaper. Due to the rapid growth of digital marketing, countless marketers are offering their services to business owners. This has resulted in a price war in the market. Most of these unprofessional marketers offer cheap rates but poor results.  We cannot avoid spending marketing dollars to grow a business. Most companies are placing social media ads on Facebook (93%), Instagram (90%), Twitter (83%), and LinkedIn (63%). (source: In this article, we will share insights from marketing experts on how you can improve your digital marketing results.

Online Advertising Must Be Everywhere

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Omnichannel marketing is the perfect example of this idiom. It is risky to depend on one traffic driver. Internet users have their preferences, and we must know each persona to craft messages specific to each. An omnichannel marketing plan offers your customers the option to switch between channels with no glitch in their buying journey experience. You may attract potential customers with social media ads while they are browsing on their phones. Then, they may move on to your website for more information. Finally, the potential buyer may reach out to your salespeople on messaging apps to conclude a purchase.

Social Media Storytelling

Snapchat started the “story” in 2013. Instagram Stories, YouTube Reels, Facebook Stories – each platform has its own version, but they serve the same purpose. It feeds on the audience’s fear of missing out by making the content disappear after 24 hours. The story format makes content more candid, and you must fully utilise every feature to make it a success. Engage with your followers through polls, experiment with creative effects, and announce unmissable surprises to keep them excited the next time you go live! Make it an exclusive experience and not just a tactic to sell products or services. Expose your brand to your audience and tell them your story.

Invest in Marketing Technology

Today, digitalisation is unavoidable. When we accumulate more digital assets, we need to manage our inventory better. Digital asset management is becoming more popular right now because it helps us to organise and distribute these important assets. If you have just started out on your digitalisation journey, and there is no budget for this investment, seek help from a digital marketing agency. Infra Design can help you with meta-tagging, AI-powered technology, and much more. We are the digital asset managers for our clients, and we help them automate creative workflow, e-commerce, archival, and backups.

Digital Strategies for Customer Retention

There is a cost to gaining new customers. Keeping your customer base and getting them to come back for repeated purchases can transform your profit margins. Social media channels can help you continue engaging with your customers without hefty costs. Use the messaging feature to maintain their interest after a purchase. After each transaction, it is important to add a personal touch to leave a positive impression in the mind of your buyer. Retention is very important in 2021 because online marketplaces are growing every day, which leads to the rise of ad costs and massive competition.

Influencer Marketing – Collaborate not Promote!

It can be a real challenge to choose the best platforms for your product or determine which marketing strategy is the most effective. Nowadays, instead of doing this all on your own, we can reach out to influencers. Collaborating with influencers can help us expose our brand to new communities because they have already established trust with their followers. An interesting way to work with an influencer is to run a “takeover” campaign. Sponsored social media content and gifting are common formats for influencer marketing. The influencer creates content to promote your product on their social media account for a fee or gift. A takeover is a true collaboration between your brand and the influencer because they will post content on your behalf on your social media account. It can inject fresh energy to your social media page because their content may be more effective than yours to attract a new crowd.

We have worked with some of the top brands in Malaysia. Hiring us will get your brand noticed and stand out in a crowd. Digital marketing will maximise value and drive growth for your business, but it needs to be well-executed. Reach out to us 012-2323 689 now for a FREE consultation.

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